2(1) 2018 GHEORGHE Larisa

RED DOTS: What we have learned from Romania’s measles epidemic 2016-2018


ABSTRACT The issue of vaccination has become one of the most frequently encountered issues in press articles published online, very easily accessed platforms for Romanian society (Horrigan, 2006; Blume, 2006; Scanlon, 2014). Which is why I am interested in the narrative discourse construct of the journalistic perspective in public understanding of science and scientific literacy (Ruginis, 2016; Reiner, 2011; Vlasceanu, 2010; Luckmann, 1967). The involvement of journalists outside of the Internet is weak nowadays and this can be noticed by rarely exposing the personal stories through interviews of those involved in the story of the epidemic measles and the crisis-related problems of vaccines or the consequences after vaccination. As well as in visual content analysis, the images selected by journalists demonstrated that the published images come from online sources. Functionality at the country level from the perspective of journalists has consequences and this is observed both statistically and by the epidemic of 2017 that led Romania into a crisis situation. Cuvinte cheie: vaccination, scientific literacy, measles